The First Aid - St John Ambulance Brigade Delhi

What is First Aid

Expenditure against Govt. Grant from the Directorate of Health Services mainly towards payment of Out of Pocket Expenses of Volunteers on duety at permanent forst ais posts etc.

First Aid is the help given to any person, suffering from any injury or sudden illness, which helps to preserve his life, prevent his condition from deteriorating, and promote his recovery. It is given by any lay person trained as a First Aider, given on the spot, before the arrival of a Doctor or professional medical help.

The core of St John activities in most countries is high quality first aid for people in need and at public events. Last year, over 3.1 million people were reached by St John with over 450,000 people were saved with life saving treatment.

St John is a world leader in providing first aid training to workplaces, individuals and community groups. So far, 2 million people have been trained by St John in first aid and in other healthcare activities worldwide.

Competitions in First-Aid & Home Nursing, Organise immunization & Health Checkup camps.